Collaborative ecosystems and digital spaces

Incubate ideas, together
Our commitment to organising innovation extends beyond mere gatherings. We move beyond inspiration to tangible solutions to tackle the climate crisis, support anticipatory action in humanitarian contexts and accelerate the achievement of SDGs with the support of technology and actionable data.
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DFS’ Global Impact Network
The DFS Global Impact Network (GIN) is a group of like-minded technology organisations from developing economies that collaborate to enable data-driven responses to global challenges. The network is designed to facilitate joint implementation and technology development, shared learning, data analysis, and capacity building.
DFS team members tackle global challenges
Our colleagues are the driving force behind DFS’s growth and mission. We value and encourage openness, humour and never-been-done-before ideas. We truly enjoy what we do and thrive together in a culture of innovation and collaboration with our networks around the world.
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