We provide trustworthy digital tools and actionable data for social impact organisations to just get things done

Our Expertise

Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and trust building
DFS builds AI-powered technology and digital tools to help social impact organisations make decisions based on reliable and actionable data. We demystify complex technologies into simple, user-driven tools that align with our partners’ values.
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A black and white photo of a mother carrying a child with other children around her. A refugee camp is in the background and there are orange graphic dots in the shape of an L in the top right corner.
Flexible and robust analysis solutions
DFS’ data analysis solutions are based on reliable and effective methodologies. We augment these established practices with the capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and our analysts’ expertise, ensuring time efficiency, accuracy and transparency.
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A woman in a refugee camp with a headscarf turned away from the camera. There are orange graphic dots that cover half of the photo.
Ecosystem building and dialogue
DFS drives idea generation between social impact organisations, tech innovators and data collaborators to converge collective expertise and innovate.
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Black and white photo of men sitting inside a bombed building in a circle with a tent to the right. There are orange graphics on the top left and bottom right.