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Who We Are

Born out of the Nepal earthquake of 2015, Data Friendly Space (DFS) provides trustworthy digital tools and actionable data for social impact organisations to fulfil their mission. We believe that the international community holds not just the knowledge, but also the responsibility to utilise emerging technologies and data to better prepare for and respond to humanitarian needs, support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and accelerate climate action.

Our Values

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Ecosystem-first approach
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Adaptable and agile
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Ethical and inclusive

Our Team

Meet the people that drive change every single day.
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Management and Operations

Karin Maasel
Chief Executive Officer
Doug Smith
Chief of Staff
Jemimah Ndugwa
Project Manager
Corey Dickinson
Project Manager
Shweta Khatri
HR and Community Manager
Hélène Pélisson
Project Manager

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

Derya Sever
NLP & Machine Learning Lead
Nicolo Tamagnone
Senior NLP/ML Engineer
Ahmed Magdy
NLP & Machine Learning Engineer

IT Development

Nayid Orozco
Chief Product Officer
Scott Turnball
Chief Technology Officer
Moses Anzagi
DevOps Engineer
Camilo Palacio
Senior Frontend Developer
Arun Shekar
Senior Backend Engineer


Madigan Johnson
Communications and Digital Content Manager
Valeria Andreolli
Digital Content Specialist
Damilare Adekunle
UX/UI Designer


Iris Perigaud-Grunfeld
Analysis Intern
James Sparkes
Senior Lead Data Analyst
Jose C. Cobos Romero
DEEP Outreach & Capacity Building Lead
Tiina Turk
Humanitarian Analyst

Board Members

Jakob Harbo
Board Member
David Oglethorpe
Board Member
Zineb Bhaby
Board Member
Valeria McFarren
Board Member
Charlie Wells
Board Member
Laura Bowser
Board Member
P. Bradley Robb
Board Member