P. Bradley Robb

Board Member

Brad Digital is a Capital One Bank product manager with more than 10 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams on machine learning, SaaS, e-commerce, web, and mobile products across the entire product life cycle. He has worked in startup, agency, and large for-profit company ecosystems.

“I like technology that makes life easier, raw denim, and black coffee. By day I'm a product manager who works at a bank, and by night I read, listen to vinyl, and write code. I live on a small farm in central Virginia with my two dogs - Baxter and Mayonnaise.”

Brad has been a leader in companies like OccasionGenius, Bonfire, and IMN United. He provides content in the public conversation about AI and Machine Learning through projects like “TL;DR.” A frequent writer, Brad keeps public entries of his thoughts on https://bradleyrobb.net/ and has met with the DFS NLP team in the past.