Hélène Pélisson

Project Manager

With a master's degree from the NOHA network, specializing in humanitarian action and humanitarian law, Hélène has dedicated the past 6 years of her professional journey to having a positive impact in crisis-ridden regions around the world. Her career began as a humanitarian analyst, where she immersed herself in addressing multifaceted challenges, including the compounding effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on existing crises in Africa, the complex situation in Sudan, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and conducting comprehensive studies on humanitarian risks across various countries. Having served in various capacities such as team lead and senior analyst, she made a significant shift to the pivotal role of project manager for DFS, an NGO to which she has been actively contributing for the past four years. Collaborating with committed colleagues has been truly fulfilling, and she appreciates the strong work ethic that characterises the DFS team culture. Her proficiency in utilising theDEEP has been a valuable asset throughout her career, facilitating comprehensive and effective humanitarian analysis and project management. Beyond her professional pursuits, her dedication to humanitarian action is particularly focused on the crucial area of protection.