Annesha Mahanta


Annesha Mahanta is a humanitarian analyst with specific interest in humanitarian affairs in emergency situations, analytical research and child protection. She has a background in social sciences and literature. Before joining DFS, Annesha worked as an UNV with the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for their Global Information and Management Cell for COVID-19 (GIMAC) and the Information Management Cell for Ukraine (IMAC). There she led a team of volunteers to perform secondary data review and analysis for projects involving Ethiopia, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Niger, Sudan, and Somalia. She also previously supported organisations like Gender at Work and The Organization for World Peace in correspondent roles.

During her university years, Annesha worked in child protection and education sectors by supporting various non-profits in India in leadership and field coordinator roles. Most of her inspiration to work in the said fields have come from her passion for public speaking and communication. She has had a long debating career spanning over a decade in which she won multiple national level competitions. When not doing analysis, Annesha likes to read and travel the world, or do both!