Data analysis for informed response and preparedness

High-quality and joint humanitarian data analysis
Our data analysts decipher complex datasets and extract insights that drive informed decision-making in humanitarian crises. Our humanitarian data analysis empowers locally-led and principled humanitarian action. This is achieved through close contact with field-level operational partners during the remote analysis process and, where needed, field deployments of DFS’ team.
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Demand-driven data analysis across the humanitarian spectrum
We conduct analysis across the humanitarian spectrum encompassing risk and early warning, sudden onset and protracted crises. Our exploration and evaluation of durable solutions and the transition out of humanitarian crises includes the analysis of the role of climate change in aggravating crises. Our analysts utilise cutting-edge technology solutions and evolving techniques.
Bridging human and artificial intelligence in data analysis
We integrate the knowledge of our experienced data analysts with cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the domains of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). For our partners, this results in a 50% increase in the variety of data sources available for analysis and time saved to focus on their core mission.
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