Technical Implementing Partner, Chair of Technical Advisory Group

Project Background

The Data Entry and Exploration Platform (DEEP) offers a suite of tools and collaborative workflows that meet the needs for compiling, storing and structuring data and qualitative information. It was initially established in 2016 in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake to strengthen collective sense-making and analysis.

More than 6,000 users in over 70 countries from the humanitarian and development communities are seeking to achieve a more robust, collaborative and transparent approach to needs assessments and situation analysis using DEEP’s open and free services.

DEEP has continued to evolve, with the latest product being JAWS (Joint Analysis Workspace),. The Joint Analysis Workspace (JAWS) will use available advanced technologies to integrate qualitative and quantitative data and elicit expert judgement. JAWS is designed to be an agile platform, supporting various use cases such as needs and situation analysis, research, learning, and outcome monitoring.

What We Do

DFS leads the technical development of, as well as serving as the convener and chair of its Technical Advisory Group. In this role, DFS has managed more than $2M USD in grant funds to provide strategy, design, and implementation for the DEEP & JAWS platform. We also lead the communications and capacity building for the DEEP and JAWS platforms.

Today, DFS is also leading the development of an AI-enabled Joint Analysis Workspace in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council, which manages a multi-year grant from USAID. Deliverables include technical platform development, surge analysis, user support, and online synchronous and asynchronous training.

Data Friendly Space is also one of the leading users of DEEP in its own Secondary Data Analysis work, including the ongoing projects in Sudan and Ukraine. DFS is also the lead of the DEEP Remote Analysis Team and therefore has the analysis surge capacity needed for quick deployment.

How We Do It

Technical Development Leadership

DFS takes the helm in driving the technical evolution of the, assuming the pivotal role of convener and chair of its Technical Advisory Group. With a wealth of experience, DFS has adeptly managed and orchestrated the strategy, design, and implementation for the DEEP & JAWS platform.

Grant Management Expertise

As stewards of financial resources, DFS skillfully oversees grant funds to ensure the seamless execution of DEEP & JAWS initiatives. This encompasses not only technical aspects but also extends to communication strategies and capacity-building efforts for both platforms.

Partnership-driven AI Development

DFS spearheads the development of an AI-enabled Joint Analysis Workspace in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council with the support of USAID. We work with our partners to deliver technical platform advancements, surge analysis capabilities, user support, and comprehensive online training, both synchronous and asynchronous.

User-Centric Secondary Data Analysis Review

Data Friendly Space stands out as a primary user of DEEP in its Secondary Data Analysis endeavours. Ongoing projects in Sudan and Ukraine showcase DFS's commitment to leveraging DEEP for impactful outcomes in the field, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and insights.

Remote Analysis Team Leadership

DFS takes charge as the lead of the DEEP Remote Analysis Team, ensuring a robust surge capacity for rapid deployment. This strategic position enhances our ability to respond swiftly to emerging needs, fostering a dynamic and responsive approach to data analysis challenges.


Since its inception, DEEP has been used to inform more than 1,800 international humanitarian projects whose scopes are estimated to impact more than 98 million people, including USAID’s response to COVID-19, ACAPS’s response to the Rohingya crisis, and UNHCR and IFRC’s response to the Venezuela migrations crisis.