Lukim Gather

Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Technical Management and Development

Project Background

Lukim Gather plays a pivotal role within the UNDP Papua New Guinea’s Natural Resource Hub by streamlining the collection and dissemination of environmental and biodiversity data. This mobile application serves as a valuable tool for monitoring and assessing grants, documenting environmental shifts, and evaluating the efficacy of management strategies within PNG's protected areas. Its primary advantages include the ability to gather and distribute social and environmental data offline, catering to remote locations where internet connectivity may be limited. Furthermore, Lukim Gather facilitates seamless data uploads to a centralized server, thereby saving time and minimizing inaccuracies in data collection. Additionally, users have the option to swiftly and anonymously report local environmental incidents, such as illegal logging or other unlawful activities, enhancing community engagement in conservation efforts.

What We Do

DFS partnered with UNDP to introduce the Lukim Gather Web and Mobile Data Application, an integral component of UNDP's Papua New Guinea Natural Resource Hub. The app is designed to facilitate the gathering of conservation & biodiversity data, enhancing overall management and monitoring of protected areas within Papua New Guinea.

How We Do It

Platform Building, Enhancement, and Optimisation

At DFS, we have built and continued to enhance Lukim Gather web and mobile application. Our commitment spans continuous improvements and additions of features, usability, and performance. The focus was on digitizing a survey and collect spatialized field-level data to support conservation decision-making. The aim was to align government and donor support with the realities on the ground.The app is now accessible to individuals who have received training, enabling them to gather information on the environment with regards to conservation and biodiversity, whether it is positive or negative in nature.

Collaboration with UNDP

In close collaboration with the UNDP team, DFS has played a pivotal role in project management, particularly in assisting communications and workflows between partners. We focus on ensuring timelines are met, teams have all the necessary information, and communications standards are adhered to. 


The application was crafted to be accessible to users with varying literacy levels; therefore, the design incorporates an icon-based approach and features both English and Tok Pisin languages. Notably, the app functions seamlessly in diverse conditions, allowing for online, offline, or out-of-signal-range usage. This versatility makes it invaluable for data collection, planning, and advocacy, even in remote protected areas