Türkiye Earthquake | Bi-Weekly Situation Report

February 28, 2023
Bi-Weekly Situation Report

*This report is a product of the DEEP Remote Analysis Team comprising analysts and other professionals from Data Friendly Space (DFS). DFS wants to acknowledge the significant contributions of its staff to the analytical process, as well as their roles in the publication and finalisation of this report. The DEEP Remote Analysis Team has worked to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the findings presented herein. DFS appreciates the collaborative effort in bringing forth this comprehensive report, reflecting the combined expertise of all teams involved.

Overview of Most Affected Provinces

Adiyaman: District and city center heavily damaged. In province, damages to residential infrastructure estimated at 27%, non-residential infrastructure 26% and infrastructure 21%. Estimated 196,710 people are displaced (in tents, containers, community centers, number of people in makeshift shelters unknown. Applies to all provinces below). Reports of insufficient assistance in villages; inaccessibility due to road closures particularly in mountainous areas. All but one hospital damaged.

Hatay: Severely affected by the first quake, it became epicenter in the 20 February quake. Damages for residential infrastructure estimated at 42%, non–residential 40% and infrastructure 34%. Estimated 344,880 people are displaced; shelter solutions are still reportedly lacking, particularly in villages. Hatay and Kirikhan are reportedly the most damaged districts; Semandag (60% of buildings damaged) and Defne also report heavy damages, no health facilities functioning in those two districts. In Hatay, many facilities evacuated. Lack of access to WASH still widespread, including lack of running/drinking water as reported by AFAD. In temporary sites, running water for latrines and bathing is lacking. Hatay has highest estimated number of subscribers without electricity. The province is reportedly hard to access in general; Antakya particularly difficult to reach.

Gaziantep: High damages reported in Nurdagli and Islahiye districts. Estimated 213,700 people displaced. Latrines lacking in sites. Main building Gaziantep hospital closed. Approximately 50% of assessed mukthars indicated shelter highest need. 30% indicated need for hot meals and abby food. WASH continues to be a problem, particularly in rural areas.

Kahramanmaras: Damages to residential building estimated at 29%, non-residential biuldings at 29%, infrastructure 24%. Dulkadiroglu district heavily damaged Estimated 300,770 people displaced. Drinking water available, but not tap water. Assessments in sites of Onikisubat Stadium, Atatürk Park, Kafum and Elbistan town center (K. Maras city) show significant lack in showers and latrines.

Malatya: Malatya city and Dogansehir district heavily damaged. Increased displacement in nearby districts, including Arguvan. Estimated 129,120 people displaced. Areas around Malatya are difficult to reach.

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